Umeda Hokuto (always_on_call) wrote,
Umeda Hokuto

christmas list

AXEL: This book and a collection of body chocolate + body art stencils.

AKIHA: ...a date. To a camp location of his choice. Time: 1-5 hours. Content: Akiha's choice.

KUHN: this book

KAZU: This book, yes that's two years in a row now

AKITO: This book

AGITO: This book

(TAKEUCHI) SORA: "Cool" chrome decals for his wheelchair. GO SPEED RACER GO.

SPITFIRE: A gag card of the "How YOU doin'" variety which nevertheless expresses a certain amount of "Let's hang/make out soon"-ness.

IO: These earrings.

MIZUKI: This book

NAKATSU: This book

IKKI: This book

ROBERT: An Evil Eye Wall Decoration

EMIRI: This book

CHIZURU: A Bettie Page photo collection

ENJOLRAS: Darwin's "origin of species".

ARI: A package of SURPRISINGLY DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE CIGARETTES which are probably no real surprise as he'd have had to order them in through you.

GOJYO: A package of rooster-shaped novelty condoms, carried in a classy rooster-motif condom case.

INE: A tasteful nude of himself with, written on the back, "For luck. Just don't tell me what you do with it."

DEE: IOU. You know for what.

ALL PATIENTS: Get a card with thanks for the past year.

Total list:EVA
Riku Replica
Collector Manikin

Feel free to respond; if IC lemme know and we can thread ♥
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